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I am just returning from upper Michigan. I have been out on the campaign trail getting signatures. I keep checking my website and for some reason people come visit it but forget to donate a dollar. Remember no money is too little. Every dollar counts. I have had over 3000 visits to my website and if everyone had donated a dollar we would be closer to our goal. We have our cards and our envelopes. Thank you to those people who contributed to make that become a reality. Thank you to all the people working on the signatures! You are doing a great job. We are almost to our goal. Remember when you fill out the envelope make sure to mark if there's anything that you can do to help.
Whether it be volunteering to distribute literature door-to-door, putting up a sign in your yard or finding an organization for me to address, You can do your part to help make Michigan's 5th a stronger voice in Congress. Even if you are not in the 5th district you will be helping to put more conservative Congressional representatives in Congress to protect your interests and your rights.

Committee to Elect Christina Fitchett-Hickson for State Rep.
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