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Aaron R Gardner Is not truly being honest with his supporters. He is trying to act like he is the only candidate in the race that is a Republican and could win a fight against the winner of the Democrat primary.  There is a lie being spread that if Christina wins, that Burton will be without good council.  Talk to anyone who knows anything about politics and you will see that it's just a ploy to get your vote, support and your time in his campaign. You must understand that Aaron R Gardner was a Delegate and the vice chair of the Libertarian Party not even a year ago.   He had no hope of winning a race in that party.  So, he infiltrated the Republican party. He has never voted for Trump.   He has only voted for Jorgensen.  Christina,on the other hand, has voted for President Trump and supported him. She even campaigned for him all atound the USA and met his sister Elizabeth.  . Christina has been working hard for the Republican party for almost 4 years now. She sis on the board and juggles her board seat and a full time job, along with the City Council.   Christina has had 2 elections that were very successful. Most of you have already voted for her. Aaron R Gardner just wants to steal her support and undo all the hard work that she has been doing in her community for the people. He is spreading that lie, not because he loves the city of Burton, but because it is his only hope to defeat such a worthy candidate. She is a seasoned now 3 years and in 2021 councilwoman in Burton.   She is now ready for service in  Lansing. On top of all this, she is a Christian supporting ProLife and gathering signatures for the Heartbeat Bill in 2019.  As a former teacher of 15 years she has the experience to get the job done for a better education for the children of Genessee and for Michigan as a State.  Please spread the word that Christina is a worthy candidate to run and represent you as a Republican.   You voted for her as Representative in 2020 let's get this right this time and put Christina in the Senate!  Don't let his trick work!   Christina confronted him on the lie and he refused to tell the people when she asked him to come clean in front of the big crowd.  He pretended he had no idea what she was talking about. Is this the kind of senator you want?  Then you need to vote for Christina, a daughter of a pastor, a teacher, a hard worker for the people,  with the experience to serve in the state senate of the 27th district.

CTE Councilwoman Christina Fitchett-Hickson for State Senate 
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