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Tim Butler 

On your win in the Republican Primary

for Candidate Representative 

70th District!



Tim Butler has met the citizens of Flint, Michigan face to face as he solved their problems at their doctors offices as a security guard.  Tim knows the need for funding our police and has seen 1st hand how just one armed guard kept everyone in the neighborhood safe from potentiality dangerous situations.  His notoriety was so great that the citizens of Flint Michigan picked him to be their candidate for the Republican party.  Many have met him at their homes as his package delivery contract sent him all over the 70th district.   If you haven't met him, Im sure you will soon.  When Tim speaks, he speaks for all of Flints forgotten citizens who have been abandoned by the politicians they trusted to wisely spend their tax dollars. He has heard the need for someone they can trust to speak for them and balance the budget of their tax dollars.  As an elected  Precinct Delegate,  he has the job also to keep the people informed of the Republican party meetings and encourage them to vote!  If you would like to join our team, please fill out the volunteer page and we will get back with you.  Or message us on Facebook.


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