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 It is time for early voting!  So many are making their choices of their favorite candidates.   If you are still wondering who to pick, consider the job of City Council.   It is not only to run your city efficiently and balance budgets, along with passing ordinances that protect the public but also to make sure a mayor does not go unchecked.   Without proper representation a city's mayor might select the city council that works in his/her best interest.  Be careful when you see candidates that are buddy buddy with the mayor.  They may not vote in your best interest because their loyalty lies with those who get them elected on their campaigns.   With Team Vision, you can rest assured, you not only have competent, common sense leadership on the council, but no one will be able to pass anything through that isn't in our best interests.   So, get out and spread the word.  We are coming to your doors with signs and we hope to earn your trust, support and your vote.









   We are a Team with the right vision for Burton.   Together we offer Integrity, Education  and Experience to our longtime community of Burton.   Together we have the skills needed to understand your needs and will make decisions that are the most beneficial to you.   We have lived with and among you.  We are concerned,  just as you are, about our tax dollars being fully accounted for and not squandered on any special interest groups' wish lists. As a former elementary school teacher and now business owner myself, I understand small business and know how important it is to continue to get our businesses up and running safely. We look forward to adding the voices of the everyday tax payer to our council.


Committee to Elect Christina Hickson for City Council 
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