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The Committee to Elect Councilwoman Christina Fitchett-Hickson for State Senate is excepting  donations both electronically and by check payable to our Committee to our address.   

CTE Councilwoman Christina Fitchett-Hickson for State Senate 

4230 Sparrow 

Burton Mi 48519

I wanted to not waste my signs from 2020 and recycle the old signs of both 2020 and 2021 by using current stickers of the new committee.   So, I am ordering my stickers this month,  along with my literature.    We are asking supporters to just chip in at least $10 or $20 dollars each this month.   With your support we can get them right away.  We will begin the process of sticking them to the signs so we can put them in your yard when absentee ballots start coming.  I am looking forward to this election year!  I believe God has many people, like myself,  who are called to the task of helping to fix the many issues we are now facing.  Since I began this journey to discover the truth in 2015, I have been very committed to serving the needs of my fellow citizens.  It led me in 2021 to our City Council and now that same commitment has led me to the State Senate level.   I am looking forward to using my teacher background to ensure our children get a proper education free from bias and that they are taught basic reading, writing and math skills.   We also need to add basic understanding of our government and our rights as citizens.  They need to add Constitutional studies in school. This lack of understanding,  has led Michigan students to too lose the appreciation of our very unique form of government.  We need to put these basic ideas back into our curriculum in Michigan and take out unnecessary political ideology.  We need to also ensure safe secure elections free from overwhelming absentee ballots and unnecessary drop boxes.  In Burton, as Legislative Chair, my Committee and we tried to rid our elections of these drop boxes.   They said it was State level.  So, send me to State!  With a greater majority of America 1st/ Michigan 1st Patriots, who stick to the rules, we will secure our elections and remove an easy accessible point to obvious tampering.  After the release of 2000 mules I have been receiving requests to at least put in more cameras.  This might deter the mules from ballot harvesting, which  is illegal. There was a lot of that with the added drop boxes. I also believe we need someone who will help the state and all our communities with the rising inflation and gas prices.  People made record low income and yet the state taxes them the same.  I think we need to ease that burden.  Finally and most importantly, recently,  it looks like abortion may be given back for the State to decide.  We will need a pro-life  candidate willing to fight this fight!  There will be more to accomplish, such as help for our veterans, lower car insurance, 2nd Amendment rights, senior citizens rights from Covid restrictions and basic rights to vaccine choice along with looking into the 2020 elections in Michigan.  It is about time we get a real person, not politician, to work, fight, and speak on our behalf.   God raised me up today to be just that person!  So, I am looking forward to serving my fellow citizens and making the changes I was praying for and looking for others to make.  They keep telling me they do not have enough people in Lansing.  Well let's give them one more!  A strong Christian!  Someone who prays daily for God's guidance and direction for our strugglling state and our country.   Send me from Burton City Council to Lansing!  We will then be able to protect all citizen's rights, override those vetoes and pass much needed legislation that affects all of Michigan!










Need your roads paved or repaired?

For a limited time we have this program.  

50/50 match to repair or pave your neighborhood roads


If you and your neighbors can get the petition signed by 51 percent or more of your neighbors you can get your roads paved or repaired with 50% paid by you and your tax dollars and matched by Burton/other funding.

Hurry in and pick up the necessary paperwork at City Hall while the funds last. 





We have our City Council meetings every st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm.

This Monday we are meeting an hour early for a  budget meeting.

  (See our Burton City website for more information)

You can also catch us live on the Burton City website or watch past Council meetings. 


Sunday, May 22, 2022 4:47 PM

Interview with Professor Moss

Saturday, May 14, 2022 6:51 PM

Feel free to add an Endorsement for me if you like.

Please feel free to add your endorsement to my Endorsement page.   It helps when people see a familiar name and read some of our experiences together. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 9:48 PM

Tucker really hits a good point!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 9:42 PM


Monday, May 9, 2022 8:40 PM

Come take advantage of our new 50/50 Road Repavement program

Need your roads paved or repaired?

For a limited time we have this program.  

50/50 match to repair or pave your neighborhood roads

Just gather 51% of your neighbors signatures and your neighborhood could get a street makeover.

We are still offering this program! Come to City Hall and ask about our 50/ 50 program to repave your road 

CTE Councilwoman Christina Fitchett-Hickson for State Senate 
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