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We did it!

  Congratulations to us all!

Councilman Elect Greg Hull

 Incumbent Councilman Vaughn Smith

and myself, Councilwoman Elect Christina Hickson

I'm looking forward to serving our citizens together.   One of my goals is to make sure we don't forget we work for all of our people!  Please feel free to email me with your needs and concerns!  I am your voice!  I am representing you and your interests. Thank you all for your support.  Together we will reduce spending,  waste and make our city more efficient and accountable to the people.  

More updates will come.  I will keep this website up so we all don't lose touch. 

I will post events like my swearing in date and updates on our goals. 

Which, according to our Mayor is November 15th

It will be at Burton City Hall after our 7pm meeting at 8pm.

The honorable Judge Latchana will be swearing me in.


Many of you have already met me. 

I have been to hundreds of your homes, if not several thousand in the last 3 years.  You may have even seen me driving around in my Volt electric car with the flag on the hood.  I believe that flag honors, those of my friends and who in my family, served in our armed forces.  I also am a great supporter of our wonderful police who serve and protect our great City of Burton.   Feel free to read my brief information about my background on this website.   We had a brief crash lately on my site but it is now working properly. 

I will eventually post my new email and post office box numbers too.  

Any official business will of course be on our official websites but I want everyone to stay informed on a personal level because this is not my win alone! 

This is a win for all of the City of Burton!

Thank you all who voted for and supported me in these last 3 years.  All we wanted was to be heard.  Well now you have and will be! Thank you for getting involved and voting again for me!


I am adding a news page to this website to make more of an informative page to let our citizens know what is going on weekly and even daily if need be.


Wednesday, November 17, 2021 2:47 PM

Swearing in as Burton City Councilwoman on My Dad's Bible with Judge Latchana

Committee to Elect Christina Hickson for City Council 
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